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eXactmobile has extensive experience in content licensing from the early ringtones days up to the Music streaming options of today. We offer over 17 years of content licencing, content aggregation and management experience.

With this, eXactmobile has also incorporated Video On Demand (VOD) projects, where we licence content for distribution on various platforms or creating the licence options for content creators that are looking for legitimate distribution and revenue options. We pride ourselves on the quality of the content and believe this should be the determining factor in the demand and usage.

Our Services

VOD Services

Facilitating specialised Video On Demand distribution to digital entertainment platforms at Mobile Networks.

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Ring Back Tones

Let us help you put your content on Ringback Tunes platforms at major Mobile Network Operators in Africa.

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Online Mobile Campaign Service for sending Bulk SMS, phone competitions, vote and donation lines.

Video On Demand

The dominance of mobile internet usage and digital content distribution have provided the perfect conditions for video on demand (VOD) services to really take off in South Africa, allowing users to consume content based on their own personal needs and lifestyle.

Exactmobile can arrange for video content from content owners and providers to be sold on Mobile Network Platforms.

Below are the three primary VOD content categories we work with:

Short Form:

Mobile tailored, 30 seconds to three minutes, easy to consume chunks of content. Laying to the strength of mobile, these are light on data, quick fixes for the short-attention-span generation. The kind of clips that can go viral or which you whip out at a party to show your friends and to have a laugh.


Feature content that updates regularly, typically available as a series or new instalments. Slightly longer in form, this is meaty content that drives the consumer to return regularly to receive updates. Perhaps its learning courses or an ongoing story or exposé. It's purposed in such a way that subscribers want to come back to see how the story progresses.

Channel-Based Content:

Curated channels that feature a selection of content covering a specific genre. Could be underpinned by additional content as well (EG: Images and text). In short, it's a portal that allows a subscriber with an interest in a specific field to find all the content they could want to consume, featured in one place. Categories could be Current Affairs, Sport, Wildlife, E-sports etc.
Open Imagination

Golden Globe Winners

Talk About Times Up Movement
Locked Steel Gate

Assassin's Creed Origins

Hands-on Impressions and new Alpha gameplay4
Mac Sunglasses

Fast & Furious'

star Diesel brings live show to London
Open Imagination

Tragedy in Volvo Ocean Race

as fisherman dies when boats collide
Locked Steel Gate


face difficult conditions in Colombian skies
Mac Sunglasses

Mary J Blige

Celebrates Birthday With Hollywood Star
Locked Steel Gate

Far Cry 5

Outpost Liberation Gameplay
Mac Sunglasses

Prince Harry

Interviews Barack Obama For BBC Radio Show

Caller Ringback Tones

Caller Ring Back Tunes (CRBT’s) or CallerTunes is undoubtedly one of the trends in the Music and Entertainment business and can be used to generate a reasonable income. If you are not familiar with CallerTunes, this is the audio that a caller will hear before the call is connected and picked up by the destination number.

If you are an Artist you can feature your music as CallerTunes in MTN, Vodacom and other networks around Africa. Content creators of motivational Audio clips can also benefit hugely by using this platform to monetize their content.

Sign up with Exactmobile and we will facilitate this process and send your CallerTunes to the networks on your behalf.

CallerTunes can also be used in other exciting ways. In addition to using existing traditional advertising channels, your business or organizations can now also leverage this platform to promote products, promotions and further increase brand awareness.

We're ready to lead you into the future of mobile content services!

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